AnyDesk Support Request

Please note the following T&C’s regarding our remote Email Support:


We have set up a comprehensive Email Help Guide here (it also contains information on how to set up email on your mobile device), remote assistance on mobile devices is not possible due to the many models on the market, here is a link to setup guides for most mobile devices but we offer remote support via Anydesk (with certain T&C’s). We do not make use of Teamviewer. To see how to download Anydesk go here


Kwikweb hosts your emails on a server. Kwikweb is not Outlook, Apple , Antivirus or PC specialists. Consequently we take no responsibility for any data loss or problems that may arise due to us remotely working on your computer.


The first 5 minutes of troubleshooting are free. 

1. Please try and access your webmail first before requesting remote support because that is the first thing we will test. Your webmail is accessed by going to (insert the domain name that is used in your email address e.g. )

2. Please also test your internet connection speed here . We can only perform remote support if your internet speed is faster than 2mbs.

3. Please also test your IP address here (go to Google and type in "What Is My IP address?" to find your IP address)

If the remote session goes on longer than 5 minutes there might be a charge. 

If you require us to remotely set-up a new mailbox on your computer, there is a flat R150 charge for Microsoft PC’s and R200 for Apple.

We do not offer the service to import data files into Outlook.

We prefer not to do support over our personal cell phones for obvious reasons. We do have a central Whatsapp line +27634444350 over which we can do support on the same T&C’s as these Anydesk T&C’s


There is no charge if our troubleshooting finds a fault on Kwikweb’s side. 

Our faults can e.g. be:

- if your IP address was not on our whitelist (this may be the case with new Internet Service Providers (ISP))

 - if we reset your password as a result of suspicious activity on your mailbox


However, if the fault lies with one of the following for example :

- Your settings on your PC

- Your internet

- The settings on your antivirus or email software program

- If someone in your office uses the incorrect password (in which case our system blocks your emails for 15 minutes to prevent hacking)


Then there is a charge of R100 for every 10 minutes in excess of the first 5 minutes.

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  * I hereby acknowledge that the person responsible to pay the Kwikweb account has given me permission to request remote support.
  * I understand that Kwikweb cannot be held responsible for any data loss or computer problems that may arise from them accessing my computer
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