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SMTP Authentication   In order to enable SMTP Authentication, please follow these steps within your email client:   Using Outlook 2007 and older   Click TOOLS from the email client menu Select ACCOUNT SETTINGS C

  When you get an error message it helps to Google the problem. Here are some of the most common error codes.   1. 0x800ccc0d - This error code means that there's a connection problem, it could be due to your firewa

When setting up your e-mail account on a second computer / laptop / other device, we recommend using the IMAP account type on all of the devices to ensure that your emails sync correctly over all the devices. If you prefer using POP3, then pl

People seem to often put the incorrect username and password in the designated fields. If your email address is info@your-domain.co.za, your username is your full email address (info@your-domain.co.za) So please make sure that it doesn't ju

Approximately 40% of problems are caused by finger troubles. Make sure Caps Lock is off when entering your email address, also make sure there are no spaces in front, in between or behind the email address. Ensure that you use the correct capit

If the example in the guides shows john@example.com and the e-mail address that we gave you is peter@petesgarden.co.za, then don't use peter@petesgarden.COM or peter@example.com. Make sure that it is the correct e-mail addr