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Email Settings


Email address / Username:             you@your-domain.co.za (e.g.   piet@plumbing.co.za)

Password:                                        ********* (you can find your password in your website management portal)

Account Type:                                  POP3    or     IMAP

Incoming mail server:                      mail.your-domain.co.za  (e.g.  mail.plumbing.co.za)

Outgoing mail server:                      mail.your-domain.co.za  (e.g.  mail.plumbing.co.za)

Secure Password Authentication:   OFF

SMTP Authentication:                     ON (Use same settings as incoming mail server)

Incoming port:                                 110 for POP3    /    143 for IMAP

Outgoing port:                                 587

SSL:                                                NONE

Encryption:                                      None


If you prefer to access your email in a web browser then the Webmail service is available at: mail.yourdomain.co.za (e.g. mail.plumbing.co.za)


Other SMTP Server Settings (NOT recommended)

Common Outgoing Servers - South Africa only

All outgoing servers use port 25 unless otherwise specified.

TELKOM ADSL - smtp.dsl.telkomsa.netsmtp.saix.net or smtp.saix.co.za
TELKOM MOBILE (8TA) -  smtp.dsl.telkomsa.netsmtp.saix.net or smtp.saix.co.za
TELKOM ANALOGUE DIAL UP - smtp.dsl.telkomsa.netsmtp.saix.net or smtp.saix.co.za
OUTLOOK.COM - smtp-mail.outlook.com on port 587 (SSL enabled)
MWEB ADSL - smtp.mweb.co.za or smtp.mweb.net
MTN 3G - mail.mtn.co.za
CELL C - mail.cmobile.co.za or smtp.cellc.co.za
iBURST - smtp.iburst.co.za
VODACOM 3G - smtp.vodacom.co.za or smtp.vodamail.co.za
GOGGACONNECT - smtp.vodacom.co.za or smtp.vodamail.co.za
ABSA - smtp.absamail.co.za or mail.absa.co.za
@LANTIC (ADLS, DAILUP, ISDN) - smtp.lantic.co.za
NEXUS ADSL  - smtp.isdsl.net
MEGASURF WIRELESS - (SMTP Authentication off)
NETACTIVE (ADSL, DAILUP, ISDN) - smtp.netactive.co.za
POLKA (ADSL, DAILUP, ISDN) - smtp.polka.co.za
WEB AFRICA (ADSL, DAILUP, ISDN) - smtp.wa.co.za
AFRIHOST (ADSL, DAILUP, ISDN) - smtp.afrihost.co.za
CYBERSMART - smtpauth2.cybersmart.co.za or smtp.cybersmart.co.za
VOX - smtp.lantic.net


POP3 Email in Gmail

For a detailed step-by-step guide, click here

1. Log in to your personal Gmail account as you normally would at mail.google.com
2. Once logged in, go to the settings tool in the top right hand corner (the gear icon)
3. From the menu, select Settings
4. From the top menu links, click on Accounts and Import
5. Click on "Add a mail account" that is next to "Check mail from other accounts"
6. Enter your e-mail address and click Next >>
7. Enter your e-mail settings and password and click Add Account >>
Username: Your full email address (e.g. test@testing.co.za)
Password: Your email account password
POP server: mail.Your-Domain-Name.co.za (e.g. mail.testing.co.za)
Port: 110
Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server: Enabled
8. Click Yes when prompted if you want to send from the e-mail address as well and click Next Step >>
9. Enter your display name and disable the box to Treat as an alias and click Next Step >>
10. Add your outgoing e-mail settings and click Add Account >>
SMTP Server: mail.Your-Domain-Name.co.za (e.g. mail.testing.co.za)
Port: 465
Username: Your full email address (e.g. test@testing.co.za)
Password: Your email account password
Secured connection using TLS (recommended): Enabled
11. Find the verification code in your inbox of your POP email account and enter it in the verification block.
Alternatively you can just click on the link and Close the Window.
12. Your account is then set up and you will be able to send and receive from it using Gmail.