If your email password has been reset or you changed it, you now need to update the password on the email program or device you are using.

If you are using a newer version of Outlook e.g. 2016 or 365,  follow these instructions:

1. Have your new password with you

2. Open Outlook, then click on File, then Info and then on Account Settings

3. Click on the email you wish to update and then click on the Repair button

4. Click on Advanced options and tick the option "Let me repair my account manually"

4. In the Password block you need to remove the old password and then enter the New password

5. Then you click next or repair

6. Allow 15min for your program to propagate with the new information.

7. All should then be done and you can now send and receive emails again.


If you are using a diffrent email program, you can follow the instructions on this link to show you how to get to your password to update it: https://xneelo.co.za/help-centre/email/email-step-by-step-setup/

Open the link, choose your Platform, then choose your Email Program and then click on Troubleshoot.