Report your email problem by completing the form below or sending an email from an alternative email address (gmail, yahoo or other domain email address you own) including all of the below details and any additional information that you can to

The ultimate test on an mailbox is to see if you can access it via webmail. If you can access your mailbox successfuly via webmail then we at least know the mailbox is working and we then need to look for the problems here:

1) problems with the settings of your email software program (e.g. Outlook) and/or anti virus program

2) your email software program is being blocked from accessing the server (usually for security purposes)

Your webmail is accessed here: //   (put your own domain name in there and be sure to get the security catchpa correct when you log in). PS: Your webmail is also handy if you want to tweak the settings of your email or if you don't want to use Outlook etc

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We might need to troubleshoot your email by using a remote access tool called Teamviewer. If you do not have Teamviewer installed to your computer, please download it in the meantime at